Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses give you all round vision, the freedom to play sports and many other benefits.

Major advances in contact lens design mean that nearly everyone can now wear contact lenses. Today’s contact lenses are extremely comfortable and most people quickly forget they are wearing them.

You can choose daily disposable contacts and even coloured contact lenses!

One of the advantages of being an independent firm of opticians is that we can source our contacts from a wide range of manufacturers. Currently our main suppliers are Coopervision, Johnson & Johnston, Alcon and Scotlens.

We’re also pioneers in Ortho K therapy (Orthokeratology): you wear precision gas permeable lenses to reshape your cornea while you’re asleep. This gives you perfect vision during the daytime so that you won’t need to wear spectacles or contact lenses, a painless, low risk alternative to laser eye treatment. See Nocturnal Lenses.

Want to restore your all-round vision and throw away your glasses? Try our free contact lens trial

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Soft contact lenses are comfortable almost immediately, and, with daily disposables, you simply wear a fresh pair every day.