Corporate Eyecare

Corporate Eyecare

If you have a business, large or small, Montgomery Optometrists can provide the following services:

  • Visual display unit (VDU) screening for employees’ computer screens.
  • Safety spectacles for a full range of occupations from impact protection to chemical spillage protection.

We can also provide bespoke eye care packages for your employees:

  • On-site eye examinations and advice about eye health in the workplace.
  • Vouchers to use against eye exams and prescription glasses.

Eyecare for Computer Users

Health & Safety Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations were introduced in 1992 to protect the eye health of all employees who use Visual Display Units (VDUs) such as computers and laptops.

If your staff regularly use computer screens for their jobs, you must provide eye health examinations on request, and special spectacles designed specifically for workstation use. These can also be supplied with transition lenses (where lenses darken when exposed to UV light).

Safety Eye Care for High Risk Users

Montgomery Optometrists have been supplying safety glasses to East Lothian Council and the engineering, agricultural and malting industries in East Lothian for over 25 years.

We have a wide range of frames in both metal and plastic which can be supplied with either plastic or polycarbonate lenses (all meet the requirements of BS EN166:2002).

Lenses can be supplied in single vision, bifocal and multifocal form.

Lens Material Protection Benefit
CR39 Increased Robustness
EN 1665
Good Impact Resistance
Scratch Resistance Coating
Polycarbonate Low Energy Impact
EN 166F
Maximum Impact Resistance
Absorbs UV
Scratch Resistant Coating
(Additional Cost)